All those things you’ve wanted to do… Go Do Them!

This is a guest post by Ms Sara Widener. Ms Widener is the author of the post “Can ruin lead to transformation”. You can continue to read future posts she writes here on this website. Enjoy this piece, and enjoy life.

Usually during this time of year, as one year is coming to an end as we begin to look forward to a new year, we all try to reflect on the past year and all we’ve endured. We think of areas in our lives we want to typically improve, and we begin to think of what we may want to come in the new year. Many of these thoughts may come with the countless “New Years Resolutions” but if we think back of all of our “New Years Resolutions,” it’s hard to remember how many of us actually follow through on them. Our intentions with these are to try to, usually, improve something or some aspect in our lives. Lose weight.


Improve our finances and spend less money. Earn more money, maybe get a new job or a job at that. Try to enjoy life the fullest. Give more to others, volunteer, help someone in need, donate your time or money. Expand your education. Maybe travel. But how many of us come up with these ideas and actually follow through with our intentions and commitments? Many fall trap of reforming our old habits and merely continuing our old cycles and paths in life. We get stuck, and then become negative that nothing has changed. But what we do in our lives, how we live them, and the decisions we make are ours. If we really think about this idea, it is very powerful.

Rather than think of a “New Years Resolution” as we begin to look forward, it may help to change your thought process. To transform the way you think, sometimes all we really need is a shift in the way we think. Don’t think of what you want to change, because change can come in so many ways, both negative and positive. Imagine what you want for your life, all the positive. Whatever it takes. Close your eyes. Meditate. Pray. Dream. Embrace all that’s positive and take it in, and imagine how you can apply these to your life. Now this, applying and implementing these dreams, what we want, can seem to be the hardest part. Some of us drone on the fact that we need to develop a plan, and it costs money, and time you may not have, and this, and that, and excuse after excuse. As soon as we begin this, we begin to fall, cracks begin to appear, and we lose sight of what we really wanted in the first place.

Want to know the secret? Think of what you want for your life, and just commit to making it happen. Our lives are up to us to live. So what it all comes down to is figuring out what you want in life, and the secret…. Go do them! We can’t know what will happen in life one second from now. We could be in a car and get in an accident. We could be working, and all of a sudden walk in only to find out you’re no longer employed. We can fall ill, and not know if we will even survive. We cannot predict the future. All we have is our past, and this current moment.

We have so much to be thankful for in life, so much to live for, and making the best of it is up to us. So put the excuses aside. Have an idea, have a dream, and go make it happen. Because this life is the only one we have. So you know all those things you’ve wanted to do in life, it’s this easy… Go do them.

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