Is procrastination hindering your progress?

Procrastination is the avoidance of doing a task which needs to be done, postponing until tomorrow what can be done today. I have to admit, that it is an area that I struggle with so I started doing some research to better understand it and may be make some progress on it. My search for information on that subject led me to a study by The University of Cambridge in England. I would like to share those results in today’s post.

Why do people procrastinate?


  • poor time management, often associated with a distorted sense of the time available
  • an inability to prioritise
  • overload of tasks at a specific time
  • anxiety about the task, so time is spent worrying rather than doing
  • difficulty concentrating
  • not knowing what is required
  • feeling overwhelmed by the task(s)
  • concern about failing or not meeting your own standards
  • fear of success and its possible consequences

Your people skills determine your success potential: Are you prepared for relationships?

You’ve certainly heard the phrase “no man is an island”. It is a quotation that comes from a sermon by  the seventeenth century English author John Donne, where he said that “No man is an Island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main.” In simple terms, it means that no one is self-sufficient, that human beings depend on one another.

I truly believe that no one understands this better that Dale Carnegie who spent a great deal of his work on teaching people how to get along. Today, the ability to deal with, influence, lead and arouse enthusiasm in people has a lot of influence on the position you can hold at a job or how much money you get paid.

4 areas you need to work on for a balanced life

Balance is key! whether it is your personal life or your work life, too much of anything can be harmful. However the idea of balance can mean different things to different people. I want to address four areas of life that are essential to anyone and which, if worked on properly, can make you calm, clear-headed and well-grounded. Too many people are being pulled from many directions and too many times they are directions they do not need to follow.


Living a balanced life is like sitting on a four-legged chair, if one leg is missing, sitting safely and comfortably becomes almost impossible. Following are four areas of your life that if paid close attention to, and worked on diligently would provide you with a solid foundation for a life