Conversation with the African Youth in Denver

On June 14th, 2014, I had the privilege and the honor to be the guest speaker at an African Youth Event in Denver. The topic of conversation, with the youth, was “Life is about choices, not chances”. I first shared the videos on Facebook and people seemed to enjoy them. Now I am sharing with you, the readers of this blog. There are two videos, part one is the presentation and part two, the Q&A session. Thanks for watching!

Part I

Part II

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  • Mrs Abeidi

    Bro, just listened to your 2 video-discussions with the African youth and let me tell you that I have learned so much listening to your speech but also to the questions and answers with the audience on issues such as fear. So proud of you my dear. Thank you for always enlightening me and encouraging me to dare to go forward. I enjoyed the 6 principles you shared with the youth. Keep up the good work. Keep on empowering people the way you do it, especially the youth, the future of this world.

  • Madiama

    Mrs. Abeidi,
    Thanks so much. I am glad you liked the conversation with African youth. I will be doing some more videos in the near future. Thanks again for your support.