Motivation Wednesday # 8

Today’s is a guest post from a very good friend of mine, Babayel Diallo. Baba is an entrepreneur whose ideas on personal development are very powerful and worth sharing. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in psychology. He is a reader and a contributor of this blog. You can follow him on Facebook here..

Don’t take to your grave the best you have to offer!

The riches in the world are not found in the famous gold and diamond mines, where many men and women are digging for them.  Most riches in the world are found in the cemeteries and grave yards, buried with people’s dreams, aspirations, and unfulfilled potential. Why is it so?
Countless men and women die without never having the courage to follow their own paths, the paths they alone could fill in this earth. Maybe because they were afraid to violate some kind of societal norms, or maybe they were afraid to be alone -as most paths for self-actualization require of us-, or maybe simply because they preferred to settle for the familiar. They went to the grave, with a song that will never be heard, a piece of poetry never written, a dance step never initiated, a heart full of dreams and aspirations; leaving behind a life full of potential yet no legacy.

Michael Jordan one of the greatest athlete of all time once said “I can fail, but I cannot afford not trying“. Life remains a beautiful journey if we learn to take that step, to work that path. Every challenge and defeat in the process becomes a light post that sharpens the vision and shapes the direction forward.

“In my world nothing goes wrong“, said the great Indian sage Nihaja Dhahta Majraj. We must learn to trust the greatness within all of us and know that each of us is here to bring his unique contribution to the universal monument. If each of us learn to dance to the music we only can hear, society as a whole will evolve naturally and spiritually toward love, peace, and happiness and void of jealousy, envy, and discrimination.
And Henry David Thoreau would said “If a man does not keep pace with his companions, that is because he hears a different drum” and one truly believes that the path to success and happiness passes through the dancing of such unique drum beat, therefore do not die with the music still playing in you, instead Die Empty!

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