What are you doing to develop yourself?

This weekend I had the blessing to attend a life changing leadership function in Denver. The event was organized but Worldwide Dream Builders, an organization with a mission “To provide opportunity, education, training, motivation, and the environment to succeed through a Free Enterprise System. To encourage a life of excellence with “No Regrets” while partnering with associates around the world who are also building their own personal businesses and achieving their dreams. To impact our generation and generations to come with the truth that God created us for greatness


One of the keynote speakers was John Maxwell, whose intervention was thru Satellite. Mr. Maxwell is an authority on leadership with over seventy books on the subject. His topic was “The 15 invaluable laws of growth”, which is also the title of his latest book. He taught some key aspects on personal growth that I would like to share here with you.

Mr. Maxwell, made it very clear from the get go that he was not talking about principles of growth, but rather laws of personal growth. The difference is principles might be tied to a certain people or a certain time, but laws work in every culture, with every gender, race or time. No matter who you are and where you come from you can identify yourself with these laws. This expert on leadership and growth share 5 laws during his intervention, you can certainly read the other ten from his book.